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Getting There


The two most convenient international airports are Lyon Saint Exupéry (86 km) and Geneva Cointrin (89 km).


Once landed in Lyon, you can take TGV trains or a coach bus to come to Chambéry (about 1h journey).

Once landed in Geneva, you can take local trains to come to Aix-les-Bains or Chambery, or a coach bus to arrive in Chambery (less than 1.5h journey). Note that if you choose the train, you just need to change in Geneva Cornavin, which is Geneva's central station. Take a free ticket before you leave the arrival area to get to this station.


Chambery and Aix-les-Bains are connected to Paris (about 3h journey) and other French and European cities by daily TGV services. For timetables, see the OUI-SNCF website or the Eurostar and Thalys websites.

A frequent service of regional trains also connects Chambéry to Annecy, Lyon, Grenoble, Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Modane and other cities in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region.


From the train stations of Chambery or Aix-les-Bains you can come to Savoie-Technolac by using local buses.

From Chambéry train station, take the STAC Chrono A bus going to "INSEEC" (about 20min journey). From the INSEEC to the "Horloge" building is just a few minutes walk.

From Aix-Les-Bains train station, take the ONDEA 1 bus going to "Plage du Bourget" (about 30min journey). Get off at the "Passerelle" stop and you will see the "Horloge" building.

You can also take the bus from the train station of Aix-les-Bains to the Savoy Hotel. Get out at the last stop in Bourget-du-Lac, then walk for about 200 m.


Savoie Technolac is easily reached by motorway: A43 from Lyon or Italy, A41 from Geneva or Grenoble, A6 from Paris and A7 from Marseille.

Some distances from Chambéry:

Paris – 560 km
Marseille – 350 km
Turin – 240 km
Chamonix – 149 km
Lyon – 98 km
Genève – 90 km
Grenoble – 57 km

Shuttle Service and taxi

There will be a shuttle service organised from the two partner hotels (Savoy Hotel and Quality Hotel Le Cervolan, see below) to the conference every morning, and vice-versa every evening (included in the conference fee). The shuttle service will not serve other hotels in the area

If you need a taxi service from the train stations of Chambery or Aix-les-Bains to the hotels/conference, and from the conference/hotels to these stations (services not included in the conference fee), the best option is to book a taxi in advance (Do not count on the UBER app, as UBER taxis are not available here!). Here are three companies I spoke to (although I never used them, so I cannot fully guarantee):


Discounted Accommodation at Partner Hotels

The two hotels below are partner of MADA2018. English is spoken at these hotels. Please read carefully all the following information.


The prices have been negotiated directly with the partner hotels. They are cheaper than the prices anyone else would pay for the same service at this season.

These prices are valid for a booking of three or more consecutive nights. If you will stay less than three nights, please contact the hotel for asking the price they offer to you.

In order to be acknowledged as a MADA2018 workshop participant, please use the code "MARS WORKSHOP" in all direct communication with the hotels. You do not need to use this code if you pre-book an hotel using the form provided on this website.

If you do use the pre-booking form, the hotel will contact you directly by email and may ask you for further information (such as a credit card number) to confirm your reservation. The Pre-Booking form cannot guarantee your reservation, you must receive a confirmation from the hotel.

Please check cancellation policies directly with the hotels.

Please also contact the hotel if you travel with children, or you do not want breakfast, as prices may vary.


Savoy Hotel - 1.8km

Savoy Hotel is a family hotel located in Le Bourget-du-Lac, and offers views of the Lac de Bourget, which is just 200 m away. A few minute walk from the hotel leads to the beach of Le-Bourget-du-Lac. Guests can relax by the garden with a drink from the bar, and eat at the on-site "Ageoca" restaurant.

Quality Hotel Le Cervolan - 4.5km

Between Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains, near the Lac du Bourget, the Quality Hotel Le Cervolan offers modern accommodation in the heart of a beautifully preserved park planted with 100-year old trees. This hotel features an outdoor swimming pool and the "DZ" restaurant and lounge bar. N.B. You would need a car if you stay for the weekend.

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Hotels Suggestions for the Weekend

If you stay in the area longer than the duration of the workshop (e.g. for the weekend), you can either stay in your room at the Savoy Hotel or Cervolan Hotel at the same discounted rate, or look for a different style of hotel. Here are three suggestions to spend a great weekend with amazing views of the Lac du Bourget.


La Maison des Pecheurs - 2.8 km

This hotel has just been renovated, and now accepts reservations. It is located in a nice tiny village on the shores of the lake, at the beginning of a long footpath that leads you to Aix-les-Bains. All the rooms are built in the style of independent fisher's houses, and have stunning views of the Lac-of-Bourget. It also features a large restaurant and lounge bar.

Week-end Hotel - 2.7 km

As the name of this hotel says, this is the perfect place for relaxing on the shores of the Lac de Bourget during the weekend! It is located in the same nice tiny village of the La Maison des Pecheurs, and features the same stunning views from most of its rooms. Families with children are most welcome. It is also a restaurant.

Château de Bourdeau - 5.5 km

This hotel is one of the most charming in the area. If you want to spend a weekend in a place that mix ancient and modern, traditional and eclectic, in perfect combinations, do not look further! The stunning view of the lake is just one of its great features, another one being its gastronomic restaurant: "Le chat qui nage".

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Nearby Attractions

The lake of Bourget is the largest natural lake in France! You can explore the beautiful surroundings by foot, by bike, by boat, by using public buses, or by renting a car. These are just a few of the things you should visit in the area, if you have time. For more information, look also at the Tourist Office website.



The town that hosts the Science&Technology Park of Savoie-Technolac is worth a visit for its 11th century "Prieuré", the ruins of the castle of Thomas II, and the beach where one can enjoy swimming in the lake. It is also the starting point of the road that goes up to the "Dent du chat" (Cat's tooth), a peak mountain (1390m) from which the view of the Mont Blanc and surrounding mountains is just...breathtaking!


"La cité des ducs" has a charming medieval city center with tiny streets and old shops. It has been the historical capital of the Savoy region since the 13th century. You have to discover the Fountain of the Elephants, the "trompe-l'oeil" (optical illusions) of the cathedral, and the castle of the Savoy dukes, among other things. 



Thermal city, Aix Les Bains is a lovely town near the Bourget lake. A leading town of the "Belle Époque", of international renown, it was a place of vacation for princely families and wealthy people. Enjoy the splendor of its past by visiting some of its palaces, as well as its casino. Alternatively, grab your swimming-suit and go to the lake !



Go by car to the Revard mountain and discover a wonderful panoramic view from its belvedere at 1530 m altitude. Sights on the Mont Blanc, the Dent du Chat, the Bauges, the Chartreuse. It is also an excellent starting point for hiking.


Savoy royal family members rest in peace in the crypt of this 12th century abbey. The place is charged with history but also calm and charming. A wonderful architectural monument overlooking the Bourget lake. Access by road or by boat from Aix-les-Bains.

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