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in alphabetical order by first author

(click on the inverted commas to access the corresponding abstract)

Emirates Mars Mission 2020: Science Targets and Observations

AlShamsi M., et al.

Scientific Payload of the Emirates Mars Mission: Emirates Exploration Imager (EXI) Overview

AlShamsi M., et al.

Scientific Payload of the Emirates Mars Mission: Emirates Mars Infrared Spectrometer (EMIRS)

Altunaiji E., et al.

Mars Global Reference Atmospheric Model (Mars-GRAM): Current Upgrade Activities and Desired Data Products

Burns K. L.

Exploration of the Mars Polar Atmosphere Using MCS and EMARS

Gillespie H. E., et al.

New Dataset of Atmospheric Parameters Retrieved by PFS-MEx

Giuranna M., et al.

The Ensemble Mars Atmosphere Reanalysis System (EMARS): Feature-Based Evaluation of Transient Eddies

Greybush S. J., et al.

Monitoring the Martian atmosphere from TIRVIM on board ExoMars/TGO: preliminary results on the temperature profiles and dust integrated content

Guerlet S., et al.

On the Assimilation of Martian Total Ozone Retrievals

Holmes J. A., et al.

Data Assimilation of the Globally Teleconnected Martian Atmosphere

Kass D. M.

The Mars Climate Sounder—Six Martian Years of Global Atmospheric Observations Ready for Assimilation

Kass D. M., et al.

Mars Atmospheric Profiling from an Orbital Constellation – Improving Data Coverage for Mars Data Assimilation

Kleinboehl A., et al.

Weather Forecast on Mars: Significances and What We Need

Kuroda T., et al.

Planetary Wave Reanalysis using Satellite Data

Lewis S. R., et al.

Scientific Payload of the Emirates Mars Mission: Emirate Mars Ultraviolet Spectrometer (EMUS) Overview.

Lootah F., et al.

Improving our Craftmanship of Mars Global Climate Tuning : Future Directions?

Millour E., et al.

Advancing Data Assimilation as a Science Hub: From Weather Forecasting and Beyond

Miyoshi T., et al.

Could the Equinoctial Dust Storm in Martian Year 34 Be Forecasted with Data Assimilation?

Montabone L., et al.

Data Assimilation Changes Low-Level Jets in Mars GCMs

Mooring T. A., et al.

The Potential for Data Assimilation with the GEM-Mars General Circulation Model

Neary L., et al.

Defining the Optimum Orbit and Observing Strategy for the Assimilation of Atmospheric Data

Patel M. R.

Mapping the Martian Dust Cycle from Assimilation of Spacecraft Observations

Read P. R., et al.

An Update on the TES and THEMIS Retrieval Datasets

Smith M. D.

Assimilation of Mars Climate Sounder Dust Observations: Challenges and Ways Forward

Streeter P. M., et al.

Venus AFES LETKF Data Assimilation System (VALEDAS)

Sugimoto N., et al.

High Resolution Regional Reanalysis from a Global Mars GCM and Mesoscale Model

Valeanu A. M., et al.

The Case for Assimilating Surface Pressure Observations

Wilson R. J.

The MARCI Water Ice Cloud (Optical Depth) Products for Assimilation

Wolff M. J., et al.

Towards Assimilation of ExoMars TGO Observations into the LMD Mars GCM

Young R. M. B., et al.

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